June 2, 2023

651 thoughts on “[Breaking] [Vaccine compensation case in Supreme Court] Government in its affidavit before Supreme Court blames public for getting vaccines despite having knowledge of its side effects of death.

  1. Central Government A Big Liar All Central State Piwer and Forces Where Used to promote Vaccines through All media’s including Mobile’s, Railway’s Even Huge amount from Public Fund Diverted to Purchase and Promote Prima facie itself very Clear First Repondant Central Government, secondary States, thirdly Pharma mafia, Bureaucracy, Politicians Judiciary etc Compensation Central Government Should Distribute and Let them Recover, any illegal matter’s Central government why permitted a Private Agency like WHO, To overpowere Government Power’s, Including PM should go to Jail Straight Away.

    1. Well said…even all global leaders were either ignorant or joined the mafia without knowing the serious repercussions on himanity ????

    2. You are absolutely right. Centre and its bunch of Lawyers are Misleading and giving False affidavit.
      Travelling time why railways were forcing people while buying ticket ,
      To get vaccinated or else no tickets to travel.
      Even in Bombay traveling by GOVERNMENT trains which is under central government why were they asking for vaccine certificate.
      So Railway comes under central Government.
      On all Vaccine certificate Why Prime Minister of India Modiji put his Photo for free Publicity to win votes. If it was not central order.
      Why each states Chief Minister’s photo not put.
      Centre wants only to Loot Loot and Loot and take credits.
      I fully blame Modijis GOVERNMENT.
      Court should not take Governments word, as it is habit of misguiding even the highest court in India, Supreme Court of India.

    3. Can Narendra Das Modi now go back and erase his picture from vaccination certificates ?

      He himself was promoting by taking selfie getting a jab.

    4. What a travesty..Our Governments have become desensitized to the very life and existence of those citizens who voted them to power…More devastating side effects of Covid 19 Vaccine are awaiting all those who innocently took the jaabs…

  2. Please give a link to download the copy of the affidavit.
    There was blatent violation of constitutional rights of citizens. It’s central government’s duty to protect rights. Center had to correct state government. Instead they were forcing for tyranny.

    Pleas note Kerala is still in the pandemic mood. I
    One after another the media and govt collude to spread fear in the name of different epidemics. Along with it some expert committee , evidently Gates/WEF Stooges making vaccine policy.

    The Public health bill allegedly drafted by medical mafia is going through a drama called public hearing, 99.9% of the public have even not heard of such an event.
    In India Kerala is the lab of medical mafia, first they test their agenda there then spread to the rest of the country. So please watch…

    1. Public Health, is a State subject, a vaccine, is an agent which only triggers your body’s own organ systems to produce antibodies, at the most it can give rise to an allergic reaction, & the State had made elaborate arrangement with medical personnel,armed with the required medication, antidotes, steroid, & lifesaving drugs,and ambulances, to meet any emergency!
      If a problem has cropped up after the patient has reached home, s/he have the option to go to a municipal or Govt. hospital, for treatment!
      For what the PM, & Central Govt.have done to control the pandemic, especially vaccinating the people for Free, at the cost of the public exchequer, is itself a blessing in disguise!
      The entire Country including rural and urban, were vaccinated for free, an initiative by PM Modi was indeed commendable!

  3. It is a shame that the Central govt is indulging in blatant lies in sworn affidavit before the highest court of the land.
    Who does not remember the diktats of the government such as no entry in trains,planes and all forms of public transport without vaccination nation certificate?
    The vaccination nation certificate carried the photograph of none other than Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the country..
    How the vaccine companies like Serum Institute of India and others were hounded by govt agencies to hike up production and install additional production capacity.
    How they were compelled to supply vaccines for domestic use and not export even at the cost of their commitments.
    Almost every government office mandated production of vaccination certificate for the smallest of jobs and facilities.
    Entries to publish c places like
    airports, gardens,theatres,malls,etc were subject to production of vaccination certificate.
    How the government claimed credit for the lakhs and crores of vaccinations carried out in comparisons n to other countries such as USA, UK,etc.
    Now for the same government to make a 360 degree turn and blame state governments and vaccine manufacturing companies is a shameful disgrace.
    The Supreme court must impose the severest of penalties on the whole cabinet and every government office involved in compelling people to risk their lives by taking vaccines and villifying those who chose not to get vaccinated with the half baked vaccines which have proved and ineffective and also led to several complications for many..

    1. इस देश में,
      समस्या सरकार में नही है,
      बल्कि सरकार ही समस्या है ।
      इस देश की जनता और अस्मिता के लिए ।

    2. Government was wrongfully forcing the citizens, but citizens had an equal responsibility to question the effectiveness of an experimental vaccine which was hurriedly given emergency approval under various pretexts.Buyer beware..??

      1. The central government should be take to task and should be made to pay compensation for all the citizens who got themselves vaccinated.

    3. Shame full model of Gujrat and bjp government with rss ideology its very hurting information that central government has Givin in affidavit and blaming on public

    4. The Governments with so many restrictions compelled the people to take injections. I would never get the vaccine if I was not compelled . I was to travel by air to my country India . Due to so many restrictions me and wife have to get the dangerous vaccine. We also want to knock the door of the Court . I am a Homeopath . I am in Canada 🇨🇦 take our medicines but we are facing complications of the vaccine.

    5. Well said sir
      There are many lies from crediting 10L to what not and this is the lowest of the low to ask for all nonsense certificates during travels with charging money to shield the face and cover the dress in flights etc., …. And still lying. Only way is to throw them out

    6. Health is a state subject in our country and only 30% of the total budget for health comes from the Centre. Rest from the states.
      States can’t absolve their responsibility. Unfortunately Indian public is used to bash the Centre for everything knowing very well if at all anything comes it is only from the centre.

      This issue of vaccine adverse reactions should be seriously probed and if proven as related to vaccine (on case to case basis) both centre and state govts must together take the responsibility and provide adequate compensation.
      Laws are already there for such adverse events while the drug/ vaccine is being prepared & tested.
      Once it is approved and released in the market I am not sure clear laws are existing.
      Can we claim any compensation fir any side reaction if any existing drug such as say Aspirin?

  4. U are a Central Goverment all valid proofs still available with PUBLIC the greatest Brand Ambasador Modijie Promoted it via Print media coverage on TV on Radio on Caller Ring tone’s DO GOI (CENTRAL GOVERMENT ) REALLY OWE SOME MORALITY TOWARDS HINDUSTAANIE PRAJAA or its all DRAMA being played on National Level 🙏🙃🙃🙃🙃

  5. The citizens are innocent,as in many places like govt.and public, sectors the vaccination certificate was necessary for entry. Even for traveling, and office matters people were asked to produce it. If the company is not giving the compensation the govt. must see that it is made available for the victims.

    1. Company’s vaccine brochure had brilliantly given all possible and likely side effects overtly and covertly.It was citizen’s duty to question those things, especially when a democratic govt, forced citizens to take the Covid vaccination by force.When we had a great Constitution protecting all individual liberties.

  6. Pls share affidavit submitted at court…Why is this news not seen in Indian Bar Association Mumbai page…

    1. Mainstream media is supported by the so called Mafia via lot of advertisements, sponsorship etc. Till recently even Indian media was counting daily Covid 19 data on top of the Newspaper pages.Such stupid and futile efforts..
      Sheer global conspiracy…so media won’t deliberately report such sensitive news for the benefit of common citizens.

  7. देश मे व्यवस्था परिवर्तन की ज़रूरत है।देश को देश के वकील ओर मिलिट्री को चलाना चाहिए।

  8. Now After This Episode of Blamegame, End of the Hour Citizens may and Likely to Face Another Covid Like Psychological Calamity. Which would be More Dangerous than the Former.

  9. The karma of Manuvaadi being puppet placed in Indian government posts of legislative, executive, judiciary, media with their covid mafia masters shall make them, their beneficiary friends and family (grand/parents +children) suffer excruciating stroke, heart attacks, cancers, suicide, killings.

  10. Ohh wow.
    Is there any person I could speak with on this subject for further info? I live in Canada and the public here would benefit from the details, in order to consider similar court challenges for death and harm brought to some vaccine recipients.
    Tony Mitra

  11. I wish if you could attach the doc with the blog post so that readers can read the actual document.

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  12. Centre cannot escape from its responsibilities.
    It is known fact that Modi was advertising it and as such as legal moral responsibility to accept the faults. It is the central govt who introduced Serum Institute and the public at large were induced to take vaccine to make our leaders popular.

    In fact our leaders should resign on this count too by accepting moral responsibility.

  13. What nonsense is the Central government talking?
    They DID pressurise people to take vaccines and doors of many facilities (including public transport) were closed to public members who did not get vaccinated.

    Why blame Serum Institute, they are only manufacturers under license from Oxford University and not law enforcers.

  14. We the citizens of India were given false information about the vaccine, this government was pressurising the people to get vaccinated compulsory. During those days no one was allowed to do anything or to go anywhere without getting vaccinated.
    Many innocent people lost their lives from very young to old people it was like government and doctors have got link to make a money by the name of covid poor and innocent people were demanded more huge money telling them of remdisver injection and other treatments like this doctors became very rich by cheating and fooling people, Commision were given to government officials also. It was also seen in the first wave of covid not many deaths were there. Most of the poeple got cured by treatment at homes. Seeing this the government and doctors felt they are not getting money so then this false rumors were spread for second wave and in this the godi media started showing that corona still exist and spreading a fake video to the public, it still got worse when this useless government officials were forcing people to get vaccinated or else they will not be allowed anywhere without having taken two vaccined, like this even those who were fit and fine were told to get vaccinated. And during this second wave only many young people around the age group of 30 to 45 years lost their lives and even my wife also passed away though she was fit to get discharged after some days in Hospital. Then how could this government blame the people that they gave information about the vaccine and its side affects . Its all baseless and false statement given by the government against the citizens of India.

  15. Ye to pahle se pata tha sarkar yahi bolne wali hai last me. Pahle bhi janta ko murkh banaya gaya. Aur Abhi bhi banaya ja raha hai.

  16. पहले कोरोना के नामपर लोगोंको प्रसार माध्यम से डराया गया। उसके बाद सरकार पर्दे के पीछे रहकर सरकारी मसनारी का उपयोग लोगों को डराने धमकाने के लिए किया गया और जबरदस्ती लोगों को टीका लेने के लिए बाध्य किया गया। सरकार को वैक्सिंग के सभी साइड इफेक्ट मालूम होने के बावजूद लोगों के जानको खतरे में डाला गया और वह सिर्फ इसीलिए की एजेंडा 21 _।30 पूरा किया जाए और सिरम कंपनी के साथ मिलकर देश को लूट कर खूब सारा धन कमाया जाए।

  17. Ridiculous,motivated comments against the Govt seen! Did anybody consider that those who died post vaccination,could have had other serious medical complications prior to taking the vaccination?Stunt to blackmail?

  18. Jabh maarna thaan liya ,toh marna jaroori hai
    Compensation ke liye ,ik darnaa jaroori hai
    Sarkaroon ne jhooth bola, maana,
    Inke khilaaf sailaab ka uthna, kuch karna jaroori hai.
    Lekin jaanta ki ek bimaari,aise darindon ko bhool jaana ik majboori hai
    Jo kare bhagwan karega, humko apne kiye se mukarna jaroori hai

  19. Even if any surgery is done in the hospital, affidavit is taken. It does not mean that the family is responsible for the death.

  20. There is no problem in the vaccine. Instead of appreciating the achievements the scientists we are making a hill out of the mole. Ask those children who lost their parents about COVID. Those of us who survived can’t understand the value of the vaccine. I suggest all citizens to focus on your work and not disturb the courts and governments.

  21. What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a ” poison” that is pushed into human body in such quantities that the recipient can tolerate it ,and it’s immune system develops and acquires methods to tackle the ” poison” in larger quantities when the bearer of the poison brings it later into the body.Having said so, it must be understood that the tolerable quantity is safe to the recipient. The tolerable quantity is safe for most people and is considered as the ” dose”! But everybody is not same in the universe.Some are more vulnerable. Its among the vulnerable ones who can develop severe reactions ,causing even death.This is an universal truth for using any vaccine by any new recipient. But the companies theoretically play very safe in finding the right dose, which is backed by animal toxicity studies follower by Phase I and Phase II trials. Yet disaster can happen.Therefore there has to be full provisions for compensating the families of the deceased who were vaccinated at any stage ,and died.

  22. What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a ” poison” that is pushed into human body in such quantities that the recipient can tolerate it ,and it’s immune system develops and acquires methods to tackle the ” poison” in larger quantities when the bearer of the poison brings it later into the body.Having said so, it must be understood that the tolerable quantity is safe to the recipient. The tolerable quantity is safe for most people and is considered as the ” dose”! But everybody is not same in the universe.Some are more vulnerable. Its among the vulnerable ones who can develop severe reactions ,causing even death.This is an universal truth for using any vaccine by any new recipient. But the companies theoretically play very safe in finding the right dose, which is backed by animal toxicity studies follower by Phase I and Phase II trials. Yet disaster can happen.Therefore there has to be full provisions for compensating the families of the deceased who were vaccinated at any stage ,and died.

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