11 thoughts on “PIL Filed in Bombay High Court: Calls for directions to CBI to Arrest and conduct Interrogation of Aditya Thackeray regarding charges of Murder of Disha Saliyan and Sushant Singh Rajput and also in Child Abuse Cases.

  1. Justice should prevail. All the guilty should be brought to book irrespective of the political affiliations.

  2. Crime branch official who supported aditya Thackerey should be punished and removed from the position ,
    Aditya thacekarey should be send behind bars and with immediate effect ,his current position in politics should be thrown out ,and in future never allowed to enter.

  3. Indeed it is astonishing as the case has been left high and dry by CBI officials without investigating….

    I don’t say that the innocent should be punished but if
    Mr.Nitesh Rane openly says he has all the evidence then why his evidence or information isn’t investigated ?????

    We as a citizen of Bharat want to know just one simple thing if any ordinary citizen commits a crime how that is investigated??? Is he or she is given any concession????

    The Law or Policing is under the lens… Same thing happened in Salman Khan’s case….

    Special treatment to rich and famous… This means they are above the law….

    But one thing which i am very clear and sure “Lord Krishna” is watching and all those who are protecting the culprits too will have to pay the price…..

    Anyways good the PIL has been filed let’s hope the departed souls get the justice……

  4. I am happy that this is happening at last.
    The main Culprits should be caught n Justice given to Disha Salian n Sushant Singh Rajput.

    I was following the case on YouTube every Night.

    It’s surprising that the Modi Govt has not yet taken Action against the Corrupt CBI officials.

    *SSR* was a Pure Soul n a *Hatya Yogi*
    *May Lord Shiva give him Justice at Last*

  5. I agree completely.
    No justice for brutal and unnecessary murders of disha, sushant and so many others related to their case?
    CBI is corrupt and great friends with the murderers.
    Why no action, till date, when the whole world knows what had happened on those days, with proof and photographs.
    We all know the names of the gang of murderers too.
    And CBI still do not know, after so much investigation and wasting public hard earned money?
    It’s high time put ALL behind bars for a very long time for taking young, talented, beautiful lives of young people.

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