March 1, 2024

14 thoughts on “[Breaking News] Adar Poonawalla & Serum Institute are slapped with legal notice for compensation of around 1 Lac Crore.

  1. It is a great time initiative against the malicious vaccine mafia. This will definitely first put a dent in their greed and overconfidence even if it takes time for the punishment through court verdicts to come.

  2. The conspiracy to attack every institution of excellence in India is on. Where do these MGOs crawl out of to hamper India’s progress.? Pharma companies like Pfizer and Sinovac stand exposed with low efficacy while COVID has saved millions in India.

  3. It was never a law under IPC, which forced people to take vaccine.
    Neither it was sold to create a chaos, the whole process of producing in mass was in good faith.

  4. ये सब publicity stunt है। AIM जैसी देश विरोधी संस्थाओं द्वारा देश के टीकाकरण कार्यक्रम को विदेशी इशारों और निर्देशों पर derail करने का प्रयास है।

  5. Poonawala should be hanged over night due to his vaccine many are dead it is cout leads and and many are suffering from too much side effects

  6. Indeed good step, though we treat medical team next to God as they are there to help patients however many occasions we have observed that they are purely into business by creating fear factor among the patient and their relatives which leads to high billing. Government is not taking much steps to control the nexus of big hospital, repute doctors except a normal citizens have to run and go through long judicial system. Truth must come out and full details investigation must be carried out whether the vaccine was helpful or dreadful.

  7. Excellent AIM. Keep the spirit. Keep working for the good and safety of people. These mass murderers must be hanged to death.

  8. I wonder why HC or Sc admits such cases?
    There would have more than 1 cr of death, which these vaccine makers have prevented.
    Yes. Covishield is not completely safe, so none of vaccine
    Mat lo vaccine.

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