June 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “[Big Breaking] Supreme Court Advocate who suffered continuous head pain due to side effects of Covishield vaccine have filed 25 crore compensation case in Kalyan Court against Adar & Cyrus Poonawalla for cheating him by misleading about complete safety of Covishield vaccine.[CASE NO. RCC/51/2023]

  1. We the common persons are life long indebted to Yohan Bhai, Respected Nilesh Sir, Respected Amber ji, and all other supporting team for protesting on behalf of citizens of country, / mankind against Covid. Mandates .
    I sincerely want to prostate to all of u in front of large public for doing such unselfish activity,Such kind of unselfish attitude is a very rare thing in ur country.

  2. My spouse was not allowed entry to her work place Bhavans college Andheri West Mumbai for about 5 months on grounds of not being vaccinated. She was humiliated by college letter if allowed in college then she would be health hazard to students and other teachers. Her salary and leaves have been deducted for forceful absence period.
    Currently a WP filed in HC is going on.
    Next date is 3rd Feb 2023.
    She has retired and her retirement file remains to be signed by her .but unless the court restores her unlawful leave and salary deducted till then she can not sign her retirement file.

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